1. Compendium of gamification strategies based on Augmented Reality for STE(A)M learning

An analysis of the existing Augmented Reality (AR) games and AR technologies, that have been contributed to game-based learning (GBL) activities for STE(A)M learning in upper secondary schools programmes.


2. Online Teacher Training Programme

An online training programme for school teachers in secondary education, aiming at provide them with the necessary skills and competences in order to learn how to use AR based gamified approaches when teaching STE(A)M.


3. Innovative STE(A)M laboratories

Development of the STE(A)M laboratories in different schools, which will engage students in activities based on innovative technologies (AR) and stimulating learning methodologies (game-based learning).


Executive Summary of Compendium | IO1

Compendium of gamification strategies based on Augmented reality for STEAM learning

Available here(EN)

Identification of training needs and challenges for teachers-report

This document summarizes the results deriving from the interviews conducted among 50 STE(A)M teachers in 5 different countries. You can find the results here (EN).

Identification of training needs and challenges for teachers-Video interviews

The following animated videos display the main conclusions drawn during the interviews with STE(A)M teachers. You can see them section by section!

1st set of questions

2nd set of questions

3rd set of questions

4th set of questions

5th set of questions

Online Teacher Training Programme

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Innovative STE(A)M laboratories

The following case study for Class Application is related to Learning Analytics and Gamification Strategies. Click here to have a look!


Interesting in seeing the results of our laboratories?

Watch the following case studies!

1. ARS4STE(A)M laboratory in Germany by DIPF!

2. AR4STE(A)M laboratory in the Netherlands by Agora Nieke!

3. AR4STE(A)M laboratory in Italy by ITT Marco Polo!

4. AR4STE(A)M laboratory in Belgium by AEDE!

5. AR4STE(A)M laboratory in Turkey by SAMANDIRA!


The Cult-app platform for AR4STE(A)M

This platform is an AR-project facilitator, allowing teachers to create their own AR project reaping the benefits of a common methodology for blended or classroom-based teaching.

It was initially built for projects related to Cultural Heritage, but now it has a dedicated page for STE(A)M!

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Further recommendations report

Seeking best practices for using games for innovative STE(A)M learning through AR?

Have a look at a very useful report here!