EU Dissemination Event by DIPF!

Our first dissemination event that took place in 29th of March 2021 is over and yet very successful!

Dr. Hendrik Drachsler introduced DIPF as the Host Organization, while Mrs. Dana Kube, our project coordinator, led the all the discussions and presentations. In addition, Mrs. Anna Stamouli representing HearthHands Solutions had the chance to briefly present the second Intellectual Output of the project and invited all participants to register to the Online Teaching Training Program. The main part of the event closed with a short presentation by Mrs. Kube about the implications of the pandemic and how our project is affected.

With the presence of the National Agency, all participants were encouraged to express their experience and opinions in order to close the event with a fruitful open discussion.

The materials used before and during the event are listed below:

- Invitation

- Agenda

- Presentation by DIPF

- Presentation by HeartHands Solutions


See you in our next event!