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The AR4STE(A)M project background, aims & approach

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Nowadays, more and more jobs require more technical, entrepreneurial, social and civic competences as a result of digitalization. Digitization affects how people live, interact, study and work, and due to this phenomenon, some jobs will disappear, others will be replaced, jobs will be created, and thus many jobs and industries will be transformed. Therefore, is essential for someone to invest in digital skills, as these skills can help them connected with the job market. As a consequence, education system needs to adapt to this reality by introducing new ways of learning, as well as more flexible training and educational models, in order to meet the needs of digital technology.


The purpose of AR4STE(A)M is to raise awareness of young students, about the importance of choosing STE(A)M studies for pursuing successful STE(A)M careers. In particular, the project aims at encouraging secondary schools to integrate immersive technologies and game-based learning in educational programs. Furthermore, the project seeks to foster school teacher’s capacity to teach STE(A)M effectively, by the creation of an effective training, which will help teachers in using innovative ICT technologies during their STE(A)M lessons.


The project will come up with the following tangible results:

- Compendium of gamification strategies based on Augmented Reality for STE(A)M learning

- Online Teacher Training Programme

- Innovative STE(A)M laboratories